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RSS Serendipity

Today I learned about a wonderful serendipitous research/learning moment an MFL faculty member here at Baylor had after coming to my RSS presentation a few weeks ago. During my presentation, I showed the group Baylor Libraries’ new materials RSS feeds. She immediately added the new German books feed to her shiny new Google Reader account and in doing so, found this book, about Franz Kafka. She checked it out because she was planning on teaching a course on Kafka next summer. Well, it turned out to be a fabulous book which has revolutionized the way she is planning to teach the course, and she never would have known it was in the library were it not for that RSS feed. She’s now hooked on RSS and all the delightful and interesting tidbits it can deliver to her. And I’m convinced even more about how RSS can revolutionize your teaching and research.

RSS Resources

RSS Readers/Aggregators

Some good places to find feeds:

Other Uses for RSS

RSS is not limited to delivering the news. Any sort of data that can be broken down and organized with a list can be gotten via RSS. Examples:

  • Traffic information
  • Airline delays
  • Real Estate listings – many real estate companies or MLS listings site provide RSS feeds for customized searches.
  • UPS Tracking
  • Sports scores
  • Weather updates

If you have a faculty/staff homepage using WordPress ( RSS feeds are automatically built in. Start publishing your own RSS feed today! Contact Lance Grigsby to set up your homepage.

Google Reader in Plain English

Common Craft has come out with another video in their “Technology in Plain English” series – this one on Google Reader.

[youtube VSPZ2Uu_X3Y]

They have another video on RSS in general, which is worth a look. If you are interested in learning more about how RSS feeds can help you in research, please contact me at – I’d be glad to help!