Exporting your RefWorks library

If you are one of the many who have discovered the extraordinary power of Zotero in collecting, managing and citing your research references, but have previously used RefWorks – never fear! You can very easily export your current library in RefWorks and import it into Zotero. Here are the steps:

To export your RefWorks library for use in Zotero, click “References” and then “Export.” Choose which references to export and set the output style to “BibTex – RefWorks ID” and click “Export to Text File”. It should come up as a webpage, so in the browser window click “File” then “Save as” and save it as a text file.

In Zotero, click the button that looks like a gear and choose “Import.” Just double-click the text file you exported from RefWorks. The new references will be added to a collection named “Imported” followed by the date and time.

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Yuko August 15, 2009 Reply

It worked! This is awesome!

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