Libraryh3lp is moving & shaking!

Congratulations to Pam Sessoms, who was just named a 2009 Library Journal Mover & Shaker.  Pam is one of the co-creators of Libraryh3lp, which is the software that the Baylor Library librarians use for their chat reference service.  We started using libraryh3lp back in April 2008, and it has improved our service tremendously.  We now have the ability to transfer the questions we receive over instant message to other service points in the library and to subject experts.  We route all of our IM clients through one easy to use interface.  Pam and Eric (her husband and the other co-developer) keep working on new innovations for the service too, based on the feedback they receive from the library community.  For instance, just a few days ago, they announced a new way to do SMS reference via libraryh3lp, using Google’s Android phone!  It’s that kind of innovative thinking that makes Pam deserving of the Mover & Shaker award.

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